“Let’s Play”

PLUGplay extends an invitation to explore a cutting-edge and user-friendly cannabis vaporizer. The introduction of distillate oil cartridges and stylish magnetic batteries sets PLUGplay apart. Patients and enthusiasts in the 710 community no longer need to compromise between premium oil and a high-quality battery. PLUGplay not only provides an exceptional battery for vaping but also takes pride in its commitment to crafting top-tier distillate concentrates. The Plug, available in their DNA and Exotic lines, stands as the premium distillate vape cartridge, complemented by the Play battery, offering effortless access to euphoria and wellness.

Beyond product excellence, PLUGplay is driven by a mission to foster acceptance. The team strives to engage with those intrigued by the potential benefits of cannabis, leveraging education and discreet, best-in-class products. Explore their menu to discover how PLUGplay’s vape pens can seamlessly integrate into your wellness routine.




PLUGplay has its roots in the personal experiences of its founders, who were deeply influenced by the therapeutic benefits of medicinal cannabis. With a collective industry tenure exceeding a decade, one founder initially delved into cultivation and flower sales, progressing into dispensary management. Simultaneously, the other founder immersed themselves in the intricate world of cannabis extractions. PLUGplay’s extraction artist and co-founder honed their expertise in various extraction methods, from Butane and Propane hash oil to Live Resin and Rosin concentrates.

The founders’ journey was guided by a shared sentiment: “Our fondest memories have always surrounded cannabis.

Drawing from a wealth of positive experiences, they recognized marijuana’s ability to bring people together and promote healing. Motivated by this realization, they aspired to create an uncomplicated and approachable avenue to introduce cannabis, especially to those unfamiliar with the herb. Understanding that vape oils offered an ideal medium for introducing cannabis as a natural alternative medicine, the founders set out to establish a cannabrand that could resonate with a diverse community.


plug n play pod

Refined Approach to Craftsmanship: At the core of PLUGplay’s process is a dedication to approachability. Recognizing that the quality of cannabis oils is intrinsically tied to the starting material, PLUGplay collaborates with cannabis farms that adhere to stringent growing standards. Only greenhouse-grown buds from pesticide-free environments make the cut for processing. Aligning with the high processing standards of the state of Oregon, the co-founder and extraction artist at PLUGplay personally oversee the separation of trichomes through shorthand distillation, yielding solvent-free and potent oil.


Expertise Integration and Diligent Development: Each PLUGplay founder contributed their unique expertise in cultivation and extraction to the venture. Despite their eagerness to make their mark, the founders opted for a deliberate approach, dedicating two years to research and development. Leveraging their proficiency in delivering potent, resinous, and clean flowers followed by expert extraction into high-quality distillate proved to be a seamless process.

However, the real challenge lay in devising a setup that met the dynamic needs of contemporary cannabis consumers. Over the course of a year and a half, extensive product testing and trial and error were conducted to identify the optimal instrument for cannabis vapes. The founders were thrilled to unveil PLUGplay in July 2017. Presently, the PLUGplay team remains unwavering in its commitment to delivering outstanding, reliable cannabis oils and batteries while maintaining a culture of openness and approachability.



plug and play